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Letter to Brick about MixTapes - ShareeOne

One night a friend says to me " I'm bored with the music I am hearing." In my infinite wisdom I casually mention I haven't made a mix tape in a while, "Let me see if I'm still up to it." Two weeks later its done. I had a couple different things I wanted to showcase but wanted it to stay fairly within the last five years. However while looking for the perfect song to start off the tape, I realized it had to be something enjoyed, sorta known, but still obscure enough to confuse some people. So without further delay.

Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel - 1996
Pure Nostalgia also the fourth song I had in mind for the tape. Immediately knew it was gonna be the first track. Plus Jeff Mangum is slowly becoming my new favorite eccentric rock god.

Black Blizzard/Red Umbrella- The Octopus Project - 2007
I saw this band one night at the Josephine Theater on St. Mary's street. Was at another show ( Ra Ra Riot) and the headliner sucked ( Tokyo Police Club) Long story short I find myself in a room full of projectors shooting
all over the place. My accompaniment for the evening complained about the bass thumping interfering with her heart beat and the pictures making her nauseous. I causally mentioned she might be pregnant. She left, I danced my ass off till 1 A.M. Moral of the story, if it feels good turn it up. Oh this is also theme music for How They Make It.

The CN tower Belongs to the Dead- Final Fantasy - 2005
Ah, yes a little gem I had tucked away on the ole music player. Owen Pallett is his name, If you've ever heard of a little band called Arcade fire then you have heard his string arrangements. I cant say more then this is a very beautiful song that kinda teases the listener feel relaxed, I don't plan on blowing out your eardrums for the next 45 minutes. Feel this track personifies the mix.

You Will Leave A Mark - Silent Film - 2008
Pure Cheese. Enjoyable pop that fit the flow of how the mix needed to sound. The imaginary librarian in my head, jams this on her way home from work. She's super sexy and cool.

Too Too Too Fast - Ra Ra Riot - 2008
Been a huge fan of this band since I first saw them with my buddy Brick @SXSW. Another band that I feel if given the right airtime would blow up bigger then Vampire Weekend. Fun Fact, VW and RRR often tour together.

Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health) - Crystal Castles - 2008
I'm on the fence with CC. They exude lengths of talent over the first couple songs on their debut album. Crimewave is the finest example of their brilliance.

Solitudue Is Bliss - Tame Impala - 2010
Island Walking - Tame Impala - 2010
This band had to have its own showcase on the mix. I have only recently got back "into" this album InnerSpeaker. These Aussie dudes can jam, so slather me up some Boisin Berry, butter, and toast. The tracks are like this on the album and work out as a nice interlude for the rest of the mix. Island Walking shows that even without words, music has power to move people. And that's not just the booze talking. ' )

Excuses - The Morning Benders - 2010
Wall of Sound Awesomeness. First heard these dudes after a particular trying moment in my life and summarily forgot about them. Fast forward a handful of years and WTF the Morning Benders have a new album, and its freaking good. Particularly enjoy the melodic surf thing they have going on.

Swim Until You Can't See Lant - Frightened Rabbit - 2010
Personally I was not wild about this song, but its grown on me. The tempo and tone are what sells this song. Plus who doesn't like songs about death. It is about death right? Its also in my top75 played, and that is one awesome list.

Do You Want it All ? - Two Door Cinema Club - 2010
ACL 2010 I'm lost looking for my friends who are in the crowd at this show waiting for the next show. These guys are playing a couple songs and the crowd is reluctantly getting into their set. This song starts off and you could feel this buzz in the crowd. Building and building, beer in hand, and then, people exploding all over the place. A wash of people madly dancing or flailing around. Didn't stop moving till the end of the set, three songs later. Oh and the sun was shoving its wonderful rays into our corneas but no one seemed to care.

Airplanes - Local Natives - 2009
ACL 2010 Found my friends over by the Shiner Hippie flag. One of my new favorite albums of the last two years. Has quickly surpassed a lot of other music on the tunes lists. Well performed and frankly a treat to watch live. Also a must for any respectable amalgamation of musical brilliance, as I have hence forth shown.

Elephant Woman - Blonde Readhead - 2004
A guilty pleasure. Huge fan of acid jazz and trip hop. Reminds me of this woman I knew. Learned a whole bunch about music that year, among other nefarious habits. A progression towards the finality of the mix is a must. Abrupt endings always leave a foul taste to the senses.

Odessa - Caribou - 2010
Best way to end a mix is with a tripped out sonic walkabout. Some type of strange in the wilderness alone, scared, tripping, and wet. If you haven't seen the video I just summed it up. Or check out
I highly suggest doing so, now.

If you haven't received a copy this mix tape don't fret. We have several ways of fixing this just pm your moderator or me.

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