Monday, January 16, 2012

Melted Heat a Mix

Alright welcome to the second installment of my critically acclaimed mix tape series. This one is brought to your aural pleasure by me, you trusty sonic captain. That was corny, just went with what felt right natural leaving my fingertips. Suppose a little background wouldn't hurt, have after all set a precedent. Talking shit about mix tape skills is a lost art, well so is the art of a good mix. All to often find yourself just pressing shuffle on the iCash while driving to work. Yes it works, buts its so un-personal, cold, sometimes depressing. (ed. Still have boat loads of Elliott Smith on mine.) The point is unless you have tons of free time on your hands, making lampshades is tricky business. Lampshades, mix tapes same difference. Well now that you, the reader is sufficiently confused lets get to work.

Melted Heat a Mix

The Mama Papa - Plants and Animals
This wasn't originally the first track. Wanted to start with something that I really enjoy. Plants and Animals reminds me of what Modest Mouse should have gone on to sound like, before that whole Float On debacle. But,but I digress. They have managed to produce two very good albums and should be looked into further.

Misirlou - Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Huge sucker for Tarantino film soundtracks and films. His knowledge should astound you. No really it should.

Deadbeat Summer - Neon Indian
So I went to this ACL Pre-Festival show Thursday night a few years back. This set my weekend. I woke up saturday morning with my ears still rattling and enormously hung over. I was packed and ready for what turned out to be pure sonic bliss.

Hannah - Freelance Whales
I'm a sucker for good pop songs. This is what pop should sound like, people who play instruments, harmonize, and all that other musical jargon tossed freely around other pretentious blogs. Dreamy fantasy about things and people who make us better, or so we imagine.

Always Something - Cage the Elephant
Pure Rock in my book. These kids from Bowling Green, KY and I do mean kids can melt some faces. Really enjoy this raw angsty rock and tear the roof down shit. Kings of Leon started doing this on the first two records and somehow evolved to something different. CTE always gets cranked up on my rides.

Lovesick Teenagers - Bear In Heaven
If you haven't noticed, its been a up, up, down, up down down affair. Well that can be a problem with these things. I have this vision of a typical day for things that should have lifelike appeal. Mix tapes are no different. Bear In Heaven has a new album dropping this year, get on it.

99 Problems - Hugo
Also a huge sucker for cover songs. This version at karaoke would get you a standing ovation. But only at hipster bars, so yeah whatever. I'll tell you how it turns out later.

Love Me Tenderly - The Felice Brothers
Look at the cover of this album, tell me this didn't just happen. Boozy renditions of old saloon songs, full of love, loss, drinking, and heavy drug use. Darling, wouldn't you love that? Think not, however it is a treat to dream right.

The Bay - Metronomy
Let me start by saying "I am all stupid over this band." Absolutely dig this band, seriously if I could get away with it, the whole mix would be peppered with their songs. Music is supposed to take you away, and we're cruising the French Rivera in a rag top. Grab this, watch their vids, buy their clothes.

Ambling Alp - Yeasayer
Was so happy when I heard this live for the first time. I throw around sonic bliss a lot and well, this personifies it in my book. Funny, that book gets a lot of mentions or maybe its the 12yr old Scotch I'm drinking.

The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
They won the Grammy for Best Album. Had friends call and ask me "What the hell is this shit?" Seriously love that, one of my favorite bands since undergrad and vali-freakin-dation. I saw a unicorn born that day folks, it was glorious. Underneath it all, like this song a lot. Want this life, its absurd. The little hipster in me wants to live in records and this one I'd play till death or was bored and then...

I Might - Wilco
I'd live in this Wilco album. Why? Why the hell not? This is one of Wilco's best albums in a while IMO. If you're a fan of Wilco, then it's a familiar experience. If new, Wilco is intelligent folksy indie rock music,(ed. Ugh i hate that term) with a dash of everything in the right place. Hate to pigeonhole bands like that.

Comfy In Nautica - Panda Bear
After a strangely long night and very early morning, involving gunpowder of all things. Find myself oddly transfixed with this playing on the car ride to the killing fields. Clay pigeons or maybe some ducks, who will ever know?

Something - The Willowz
Saw them open up for the Toadies one night. Long story short, I have 3 signed vinyl, lots of insane pictures, and gap in memory 4 days long. Thanks. LY. Our general admiration of the Toadies has solidified your place at the top.

Little Beam - You Can't Win, Charlie Brown
This is Lois Costa. He is from Spain. The label is Cakes & Tapes. This is a band he performs with, in Europe. If you want to impress your friends you will get to know this guy. First heard him, as himself on the last track. I'm giving out my gold here.

Reservoir Park - The Dutchess & The Duke
First track off the first D&D album. Henceforth no more. Two fantastic albums full of catchy tunes about death and despair. Find something awesome with a band that takes a fucked up situation and manages to hose out a bright sunshiny day. Would have liked to been there during the recording process.

Little Maestro (ft. Noiserv) - Lois Costa
Back to Lois Costa, hmm... I like well arranged music and this is well thought out. Read more here, I do hope you have enjoyed your experience. Its been fun and till next time. Did someone find my keys? How the hell do you turn.......

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